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Evaluation Criteria


  • Does the entry establish a clear challenge faced in the team’s local community? Is it explained in a clear manner? [10]
  • Is there evidence that the solution has been thoroughly tested with real users? [10]
  • Is there evidence that the solution was iterated upon based on user feedback? [10]
  • Will this solution improve people’s lives? [10] Is there evidence of a next step… does the team display a plan for future extension if they were to continue? [10] 

Please note: Each solution is evaluated on a scale of 1-100.


  • Does the solution address the challenge identified by the team? [10]
  • Does the solution make effective/ appropriate use of the features of the chosen Google product or platform? [10]
  • Does the video demonstration show the working application and how a user will interact with the solution? [10]
  • Has the team clearly explained what Google technology they used, why and included guidance on how to run their code? [10] 


  • Can the technology, in its current form or with minor structural changes, support more users, new regions, and increased scale often attributed with success and growth? [10]